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Recommended Partners of Under The Hood

It's time to go Under The Hood... and to do that we need great partners whose products and services we use ourselves. Our sponsors are what makes it possible to keep Under The Hood on the air but we won't take on just any company. We want to make sure you have only the best available products in the market.

We operate our own repair shop and only support sponsors of products or services that we use in that shop and have grown to trust. If they don't make the cut in our shop, they don't make the show.

When you need something for your car, please keep them in mind. They are our go to choice when we need something and hope you will support them too.

The Motor Medics...

Interested in sponsoring the show? Call our office at 605-594-4150 or email us through the contact us form.


Car-Part.com is the place we recommend to find high quality Recycled "Green" Auto parts.

Use their app available in the app store or Google Play to scan your vin and sort by quality, price, how fast it can get to you and more!

Shop MILLIONS of parts! Car-Part.com

Finding the right parts is half the battle and they make it easy!

We use them in our own auto recycling business and repair shop and are proud to partner with them. Shop Car-Part.com

Berkley Classics.com

Berkley One Classics is the insurance provider that the Motor Medics use for their own classic, collector and performance vehicles. They even cover military vehicles antique tractors and motorcycles!

"They have been saving us money and giving me the peace of mind I need to drive my classic on the road. Without them it would stay parked in the garage" Russ Evans Host of Under The Hood...

Visit our friends at Berkley One Classics today and get a free quote and see how they can help you.  Visit BerkleyClassics.com

Wix Filters

Wix Filters
Used by the Motor Medics in their own shop, Wix Filters are a brand that you can trust to protect your engines.

Take a close look at a NASCAR race engine that endures the harshest of conditions and you'll find Wix taking care of business.

Don't just settle for any filter...

When you need the best, insist on Wix.
Visit WixFilters.com

PowerFrame Grid Technology

PowerFrame Grid Technology

Batteries are not all created equal.

What's inside is what matters and PowerFrame Grid Technology will keep your vehicle starting over and over.

PowerFrame Grid Technology helps to keep the battery grid from breaking down and is much stronger than other batteries without it. 

When you want the best battery look for the PowerFrame Grid Technology logo on the outside.
Visit Powerframe.com

OReilly Auto Parts

OReilly Auto Parts

Better Parts Better Prices Everyday!

When you need auto parts you can find a Oreilly near you.

Oreilly Auto Parts has the folks to help you get back on the road and keep your ride running.
Visit OReillyAutoParts.com

Car Care Council

Car Care Council

Be Car Care Aware!
The Car Care Council is your source for car-care videos and helpful information to keep you safe and on the road. Visit their site today to find a huge knowledge base.
Visit CareCare.org



K-Seal is a one-step permanent multi-purpose system for coolant leak repair with over 6 million bottles being sold worldwide to date. It permanently repairs leaks in the head, head gasket, block, radiator, heater matrix, freeze plug and water pump casing. Tested by the strict ASTM D3147 Independent University Testing PHD Program to seal and NOT to clog. Check them out for yourself.
Visit Kseal.com

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls

The future is being built today, and Johnson Controls is making that future more productive, more secure and more sustainable. We create intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities. At its core, that promise is about delivering innovation that make people’s lives – and the world – better. Visit them and see the amazing things they are doing.
Visit JohnsonControls.com

How to sponsor Under the Hood

Please visit our local sponsors below:
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Justice Brothers Car Care Products

Justice Brothers Car Care Products Justice Brothers Care Care Products

Audio Playground Electronics

Audio Playground Electronics Automotive Remote Starters, Seat Heaters, Video and Audio

The Motor Market

The Motor Market Magazine with great monthly car info

Vanderbrink Auctions

Vanderbrink Auctions Full Service Auction Company

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