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Under The Hood Secret Lab

Under The Hood Secret Lab

Well... not really a secret lab or secret at all.

The Motor Medics® sometimes talk of the Under The Hood® Research and Development Center on the show. Have you ever wondered what it was? Well below is an explanation of what they are referring to and how it plays a large part in what they are able to do for you. 

 The Under The Hood® radio show Research and Development Center is comprised of many separate entities coming together as one. Here the Motor Medics® learn about vehicles from some of the oldest models to some that have not even made it to the showroom yet through special programs they are privileged to be part of.

 Please take look at the different entities of the Research and Development Center below.

Nordstrom's Installation and Diagnostic Center
Nordstrom's Installation and Diagnostic Center

This is where, Russ and his team of ASE Certified Technicians work during the week diagnosing and repairing customer vehicles. 

Their daily experience in this state of the art automotive repair facility working hands-on gives them knowledge they can pass on to their listeners during the show helping them save money on auto repairs.

Since 1990 customers have come to this South Dakota shop from far and wide with their vehicles seeking the automotive repair help of Nordstrom's with a wide variety of repairs. Their ASE Certified Technicians work on just about anything automotive and are very meticulous about their work, and very affordable.

From a simple door handle, to major engine and transmission repair and replacement, and anything else you can think of these guy tackle it and all their automotive repairs come with a 12 month 100,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first.

Sorry but unlike the show this automotive repair service is not free but It is very affordable. The Motor Medics® will always try to give you the best free advice on Under The Hood® if you are the kind of person who performs their own automotive repairs but if the time comes when you need the assistance of a professional automotive repair center they want you to come to them. If you need great car repair with a great guarantee and a great price call today to schedule an appointment. If you have been to Nordstrom's shop before, thank you very much, Nordstrom's is grateful for your car repair business. Please tell your friends about Nordstrom's. It is the greatest thank you they can ever receive.

Please do not call the shop to ask car questions. We don't want to have to turn anyone away. The show is for that. However, If your car is in the shop we will gladly answer any question you have. Russ and Shannon need this time in the shop to concentrate on the automotive repair jobs in progress. If you would like to ask a car question please call Under The Hood® at 866-594-4150 or email the Motor Medics. The Motor Medics® wish they could answer questions at the shop but due to the huge number of contacts received they just can not do this. Thank you.
Please click here to visit the Nordstrom's Installation Center web site

Nordstrom's Factory Performance (now closed)
Nordstrom's Factory Performance (now closed)

Located in the same facility as Nordstrom's Installation, the Nordstrom's Factory Performance shop is dedicated to fuel injection made simple.

Russ and his crew researched, developed, and built custom wiring harnesses for fuel injected engines, custom programmed their computers, and assembled total EZ2RUN® Engine Packages for a turn-key fuel injected engine package that truly was EZ2RUN®. Getting these engines to run out of their factory installed environment took a lot of research in order to make them fully functional. This means Russ had to sort through every wire, connector, and component until he fully understood the product. This in turn translates into knowledge that Russ could use to help give more accurate advice over the air.

They also built custom Street Rods and Muscle Cars and Trucks. Check out our pictures page for some of them. We even built a custom drive train package and installed it in a car for Richard Rawlings of Fast N' Loud TV Show for the Gas Monkey Garage which they raced in the Bull Run!

To dedicate more time to Under the Hood® and Nordstrom's Installation and Diagnostic Center, Our Factory Performance has been closed. Thank you to our many customers.

Nordstroms Auto Recycling
Nordstroms Auto Recycling


 This is an aerial view of Nordstroms® Auto Recycling.

Nordstrom's® Auto Recycling is a full service Automotive Recycling Center and parent company of Under The Hood® with as many as 7000 vehicles in inventory. Nordstrom's plays a key part in the automotive life cycle taking care of vehicles in all stages of repair.

Each day Shannon Nordstrom leads his team of 70+ employees as they learn about each vehicle and it individual needs. Some will be rebuilt by their customers. Some will be dismantled in order to provide parts for the many thousands of vehicles like them that remain on the road. No matter what the final destiny of the vehicle may be, the Motor Medics® use all of the information they gain while working with each and every part of these vehicles to provide accurate over the air information. Shannon's vast vehicle parts knowledge comes from this hands-on experience.

Within Nordstroms® Auto Recycling you will find Ewe Pullet® (pronounced you pull it) Ewe Pullet® is a self-service facility where you can remove your own parts saving you a ton of cash. The facility is organized much like the rest of the Nordstrom's Automotive Inc.® operation, very clean neat and modern.

You can learn much more about Nordstrom's® Auto Recycling and EWE Pullet by clicking the link below.

Ewe Pullet Aerial View

This is the aerial view of the Ewe Pullet corner of the yard. When we say clean and modern we mean it. This is a Auto Recycling yard like no other. From this shot you can't tell out facility from a shopping center parking lot. It's really that nice.



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