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Under the Hood Show - Car Repair Advice Talk Radio Show Under the Hood Show - Car Repair Advice Talk Radio Show
Listen Under the Hood Show - Car Repair Advice Talk Radio Show Under the Hood Show - Car Repair Advice Talk Radio Show
Under the Hood Show - Car Repair Advice Talk Radio Show Under the Hood Show - Car Repair Advice Talk Radio Show

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Security & Privacy: 

On-line Privacy Statement

Under The Hood® radio show respects our customers' right to privacy on-line. We hold your detailed customer information in confidence.

Asking for your information
We will sometimes ask customers for personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address, occupation, hobbies and other details. Providing us your information will simply help us offer products and services that we think you'd like to hear about. When you choose to give personal information to us over the Internet that we or our business partners may request, we will endeavor to inform you how we will use the information.

When we ask for personal information for any reason, we will provide a link to this policy statement to make our intentions clear.

Personal Information Privacy 
Under The Hood® radio show will take all appropriate steps to keep your personal information confidential. Those steps include limiting access to customer information databases, communicating this policy statement to all Under The Hood® radio show employees and establishing and enforcing penalties for violating this statement.

Under The Hood® radio show will not sell, rent, or give away our customers' personal information to other companies for use in selling others' products or services. When we do contract with another company to market or advertise products or services for us, we will insist on binding agreements from those companies protecting our customer information. We will vigorously enforce all privacy agreements we have with other companies.

We gather personal information from our customers so we can better develop our relationship with those customers. Occasionally, we seek customer comments on our products and services. These comments allow us to determine which products and services our customers should be made aware of based on their specific needs.

We will communicate with customers via e-mail or other on-line delivery devices only if the customer agrees to receive those communications. Joining our e-mail list constitutes an agreement to receive email. Customers, who believe they are receiving our communications in error or no longer desire to receive them, should inform us and we will remove those customers' names from our mailing lists. Under The Hood will be judicious in the use of e-mail and paper mail to communicate with customers. We will, at all times, put ourselves in the place of the recipients of our mail and treat our customers as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Order Information Privacy and Credit Card Security
We currently use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to safeguard your information, including your credit card number, during on-line transactions. None of the people, who have made purchases through Under The Hood Web site using SSL, have reported to us fraudulent use of their credit card as a result of their on-line order. We believe SSL to be a very safe encryption method, but we are always looking for even more secure encryption methods to safeguard information sent on-line. Our server will run detection software to help ensure you are using a secure browser and your information is secure when you check out. If our browser determines you are not using a secure browser, a message will appear at checkout.

To protect your information once your transaction is complete, Under The Hood® radio show stores your information on an off-line server stored securely behind our firewall. There is no external access to this information and its internal access is strictly monitored.

For your protection, never put your credit card number or other sensitive information in unencrypted e-mail. In the extremely unlikely event that we ever do suspect a customer's credit card number has been intercepted, we will immediately notify the customer.

Under The Hood® radio show currently uses "cookies" on our site. Our cookies tag each visitor's browser with a random, unique number. The cookie simply assigns a number and does not disclose any personal information about the person using the browser. These cookies allow us to keep your order secure.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with Under The Hood® radio show, please contact us by means of our Under The Hood® radio show contact page.

Note on photos and email submission.
All photos submitted become the property of Under The Hood® radio show and may be used on the site or elsewhere to promote Under The Hood.® Your name, city, and state may be used.
All email also becomes the property of Under The Hood® radio show and may be used on the site or elsewhere for promotional purposes. Your email address will remain private.

Note on email and phone messages left for the show.
If you email or call us you authorize us to use your name, city, and state and where you are listening on the air and in our printed email column or over the air.

If you call us you authorize us to use your voice on the air and use it for show promotional ads.


Copyright and trademark Information

The name Under The Hood'® and it's related marks as used for any form of automotive show broadcast over the air or by global internet (podcast) as well as ,the Motor Medics® Tune-In and Tune-Up® and Nordstrom's® Automotive Inc. are federal registered trademarks of Nordstrom's® Automotive Inc. and may not be used without our permission. © 1990-2016 The Under The Hood® Radio Network all rights reserved. All automotive repair and help advice written or oral on the Under The Hood® website, facebook, twitter, instagram and radio show and its entities is for entertainment only. Always consult with your own automotive repair technician before attempting any car repairs. Always get your own hands-on vehicle diagnosis before replacing parts or beginning automotive service procedures or repairs. Opinions and/or claims of the people and/or companies interviewed by Under The Hood® are of their own accord and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Nordstrom's® Motor Medics® or Under The Hood®. Always investigate products or services on your own before purchasing or using.


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