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Kids Safety Coloring Page

Kids Safety Coloring Page

Under The Hood has partnered with Nationally Honored Child Safety Cartoonist, Jim Weicherding & Buckleupallofus™. This loveable character created by Jim helps kids to buckle up in the car every trip.

Studys show that more than 43% of children injured in vehicle crashes were either not buckled in or they were improperly buckled or in the wrong seating position. 

We can do better! Let's bring those numbers down and get all kids buckled up properly every time!

Buckleupallofus™ is a very popular and effective child safety mascot that promotes car seat, booster seat and seat belt safety for families. Buckle Up!!!

The character’s big bold image instantly attracts the attention of children everywhere it is displayed. Without a single word this unique child safety character sends his important message… Buckle Up All Of Us!!!

Learn more about the creator of Buckleupallofus

Visit Buckleupallofus.com to learn more about the program

Child Car Seat Inspection Station Locator

NHTSA Child Safety Facts

Bucky on carshownationals.com

Click on any of the pages below to view and print out a Buckleupallofus Safety Coloring Page 

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