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Reporting From The SEMA Show

Reporting From The SEMA Show

You can find Under The Hood at SEMA most every year.

SEMA is the Specialty Aftermarket Equipment Association

This is the worlds largest gathering of all the aftermarket parts suppliers of the items that you as consumers and vehicle owner use on your own cars and trucks.

Companies in your own home town that you look to for the latest stuff go to SEMA to find out hands-on what's hot and new in the market and bring those items back to you.

Listen to Under The Hood after they get back from SEMA in November each year for the latest!
Listen to this segment from one of the Under The Hood (LIVE AT SEMA) edition shows.

SEMA Interview With Dave Tucci and Optima Street Car Challenge

The Street Car Invitational

We talked to Dave Tucci about the Optima Street Car invetational at SEMA

Dave Tucci owns and is a master builder at Tucci Hot Rods in New York.

Interview Audio from SEMA

We interviewed Dave Tucci from Tucci Hot Rods

Rebuilding Generations

We talked to Kevin Keep of Rebuilding Generations at the SEMA Show

Rebuilding Generations is a faith based youth group that brings young and older men together to restore and build cars. Our goal is that both age groups involved will come out of this project with a greater appreciation for one another. We focus on developing life skills for everyone to use on future projects or careers.Many of the vendors at SEMA support programs like this and help youth out.


Interview Audio from SEMA

At the Bullydog SCT Performance Booth

Bullydog SCT 

We talked to NMRA Racer Kennady Jones sponsored by Bullydog/SCT

Kennady won the Rookie Of The Year award at just 17 years old.

She races a 11 second Ford Lightning Truck.

Kennady's Truck is equipped with performance tuning products from Bullydog SCT. 

Interview Audio from SEMA

Dakota Digital

Dakota Digital

We talked to Scott Johnson of Dakota Digital at SEMA. They have been SEMA members for many years and we always enjoy stopping by to see them so we can check out their latest products.

Dakota Digital is regularly coming up with new innovative products and has won several awards including product of the year.


Interview Audio from SEMA

Optima Batteries AGM

Optima Batteries

We talked to Darrell Brockman from Optima about their products

Chargers, Batteries and more!

Interview Audio From SEMA


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