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Under the Hood Show - Car Repair Advice Talk Radio Show

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On-Air since 1990 with Affiliates located across America.

Most affiliates sell out the program the first week or before they air it for the first time. Cars, car-repair and car accessories as well as customizing is a huge market for advertisers and this show reaches a dedicated audience of those consumers each week and is very entertaining for your audience.
Sponsors range from the automotive field with car dealers and repair shops to a wide range of other including home repair centers, hardware stores, insurance companies and even a couple affiliates who have flower shops and funeral homes on the list. The owner of the flower shop once told us she is a sponsor because she has great success reaching a large audience of men each week. The funeral home is from an affiliate who plays Oldies when were not on and said a large portion of their community tunes into the show each week and they had great response from it. The audience is very loyal and diverse.

We are here to save people money on car repairs and the car budget is a huge part of peoples lives but we also entertain. Who wants a boring car show? We have fun doing the show every week and it comes through on the air.

Once a week
Many run during the week
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America Is Tuning-In and Tuning-Up. Are you?

You wont be disappointed when you choose Under The Hood®. 
Now more than ever people are looking for ways to save money. A car can be a significant expense and we are here to help with that.
This car advice show touches lives with info anyone with a car can relate to. 
We help callers feel more comfortable when it comes time for a repair.
On over 225 station across America Under The Hood is "America's Favorite Car-talk show"
Affiliates. Request a one sheet of the show HERE

You probably won't find another show that treats it's affiliates better. We are here to help you succeed and value our relationships.

Tune-In and Tune-Up®
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