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Under The Hood Host Bios and Pics

Under The Hood Host Bios and Pics

Russ Evans

Shannon Nordstrom

and Chris Carter

Your Motor Medics!

You will find these guys intriguing. Each week when you tune-in Under The Hood® you will find no computers or reference guides are used in studio to answer questions. Chris is the only guy with a computer and he often pulls the tech card on us in reference to a news story or trivia question. Russ and Shannon answer the questions from their vast knowledge of hands-on experience gained in the shop since the early 1980s. The most common question they have asked of them in public is “How do you guys remember all this stuff without computers?

In their 40s and born just one day apart Shannon and Russ along with the baby of the family, Chris (: Together they are The Motor Medics® of the Under The Hood® radio show!  Listeners enjoy their high energy and on air chemistry that bring information and entertainment to the show.

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