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Under The Hood Listeners Car Photos

Under The Hood Listeners Car Photos

Hey Hoodies! Send in the photos of your vehicles to Under The Hood®!
To have your car published we need your name and contact information. We will put a first name and a small aption under the photo to tell your story. We will not publish your phone number, last name, email, or home address. Please send three pics if you can.
What are you waiting for? Get those pictures in to Under The Hood®!


Our Hoodie and Friend Mark Bewley's 1981 Camaro

This Camaro belongs to one of Russ's oldest and dearest friends. He grew up with this car in Longview Texas even before Mark owned it blowing its almost stock engine away on a race or two but times changed and Mark bought the car and well...let's just say it got a whole lot faster and it was time for me to stop racing him to maintain my ego. Mark sure can build a car! This car has been a labor of love and has shown up in places like Pinks All Out. You may have seen it out there. This car now features a very well built Big Block Chevy engine and can hold its own in any race. Awesome job Mark!

The old picture in the slide show is from 1987 with Mark at the left front and Under The Hood® Host Russ Evans behind him. Notice Mark is the one doing the work and Russ is advising. (: Mark I always said if I ever made it anywhere I wouldn't forget my friends. Thanks for not forgetting me...

Thanks for the memories Mark! Nothing beats the cars we grow up with. Keep her straight!
Take care, Russ.


Submit Your Car Truck or Bike to Under The Hood

Submit you ride and see it here on the Under The Hood Radio Show website. Give us a pic or a few and a short story about the vehicle. Check us out on facebook  and like us for updates and a chance to win.

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Eddie and Rachell's U.K. (Morris) Rides

Eddie and Rachell's U.K. (Morris) Rides A Pair of Vintage Morris Cars from the U.K.

Mark Oden's 79 Silverado Pro Street

Mark Oden's 79 Silverado Pro Street Another Friend Russ grew up with

Our Hoodie Wayne's 66 Impala SS

Our Hoodie Wayne's 66 Impala SS Restored in 2000 2nd owner

Our Italian Hoodie Annamaria's Alfa GT

Our Italian Hoodie Annamaria's Alfa GT 2008 Alfa GT 1.9 Diesel

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