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Our Hoodie From England Kevin's 1964 Morris Mini Cooper

Our Hoodie From England Kevin's 1964 Morris Mini Cooper

Hello, I am from England and a fan of your under the hood show.

Although all of the cars and trucks you talk about I will probably never see on the UK roads, I do enjoy listening to your podcasts as I find your shows very entertaining.

I am a fan of old English cars and I am not afraid to take them to bits and rebuild them, however, thanks to your shows, I have been inspired to tackle jobs on my more modern Toyota that I would normally shy away from.

Top job Gentlemen.

As requested here is a photo of my car. Its a 1964 Morris mini Cooper, I use it for sprints and hill climbs.

Kevin Richardson

Isle of Wight

Thanks for sharing your car with us Kevin! This looks like a really fun car. Thanks for listening to Under The Hood in England! Take care, Russ, Shannon, and Chris.

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