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Automotive Column 52 Brakes and Care

Automotive Column 52 Brakes and Care

Syndicated Newspaper Column

Brakes are nothing to mess around with. Sudden failures can occur if the system is not checked for worn and failing parts. Have your brakes checked to make sure you know that they are safe.



Daily Car Repair and Advice Tips Question 53 Brake Care

Dear Motor Medics,
How often should I have my brakes checked? I have a 2004 Honda Accord Sedan and as far as I can remember I have never had the brakes replaced. They seem to be working good as far as I can tell but I don’t want them to suddenly fail. Do they do that? Suddenly fail without warning. I am one of those drivers that change my oil regularly at the quick lube but never do any preventative maintenance. I just wait for it to break and fix it then to save money. So far my luck has been good, not even a tune up yet in 80,000 miles knock on wood.

Mark in Bennington Vermont

Dear Mark,
Brakes are nothing to play around with and they should be inspected regularly. In your owner’s manual there is a severe service interval for checking these things and it should be followed. If you don’t know the condition of your brakes, you need to find out so you can prevent that sudden failure or at the very least an expensive repair. There is much more to the system than just pads, there are hoses and other hardware and regular maintenance is an important part of keeping repair costs down and safety up. Now aside from the brakes… No other maintenance, not even a tune up? I have two important words that could possibly cost you a bundle in the future. Timing Belt, check it out!

Take care, the Motor Medics

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