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Automotive Column 49 Vintage Oil Help

Automotive Column 49 Vintage Oil Help

Syndicated Newspaper Column

The proper engine oil is a very important item to protect your vehicle. If you own a vintage car or something much newer make absolutely sure you have the correct oil for the vehicle and if needed the proper additive.



Daily Car Repair and Advice Tips Question 48 Antique Auto Oil Change

Dear Motor Medics,
I am the proud owner of a 1951 Chrysler with the straight six cylinder engine. I recently inherited this car from my father in law who had the vehicle since it was new. This car has not had the oil changed on it for probably six or seven years. I plan on driving the car occasionally in the summer for parades and joy rides amounting to only a few hundred miles per year. How often should I change the oil and what type should I use?

Bernard from Tyler Texas

Dear Bernard,
It sounds like you are in for some fun times with your new toy. To keep the engine working smoothly, the proper oil type and changes will be very important. On my own vehicles of older vintage that see just a few hundred miles a year I like to change the oil in the fall and spring, just before storage and just after getting them out. I do this to keep the engines clean and to keep the moisture in the oil down. My biggest concern when changing oil is the type I use. ZDDP was an additive contained in oil until recently. If you run oil without it you can cause very premature wear and damage to the engine. Make sure you use ZDDP replacement additive or historic vehicle oil that meets the lubricity requirements that the older oils would have had, and use the factory recommended weight rating.

Take care, the Motor Medics
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