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Automotive Column 46 Hard Brake Pedal

Automotive Column 46 Hard Brake Pedal

Syndicated Newspaper Column

If you have a major issue with your vehicle that is safety related it is important to check with the dealership or your shop if they subscribe to a tech system that shows recalls. Some repairs may be covered saving you cash and keeping you safe.


Daily Car Repair and Advice Tips Question 46 Hard Brake Pedal On Caravan and Voyager

Dear Motor Medics,
I have owned a 1991 Dodge Caravan since it was new. We keep this van in great shape and live in Arizona where it does not see road salt or really cold winters and with 60,000 miles it still looks like brand new. We have had all of the maintenance done following the severe service intervals in the owner’s manual and then some. Last week the brakes started to act up. While trying to stop the pedal will get very hard to push down and you can’t stop without both feet on the pedal. We had it checked at a local shop and they said the brake booster which also controls the antilock brakes was failing. They found one they could order and the cost was over $1000.00 to replace it. We are considering the repair only because the van is so nice but the price seems steep. Is there anything else it could be?

Mary in Scottsdale Arizona

Dear Mary,
We don’t see many 1991 Dodge Caravans in great shape anymore. It’s good to hear yours is still kicking. The brake booster is part of the abs and electric. When it fails it is a very expensive repair but there may be a silver lining for you. On some of the vans there was an extended free repair due to the safety nature of the failure that was offered from the manufacturer. Check with them to see if you have coverage.

Take care, the Motor Medics

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