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Automotive Column 45 Wipers Quit Wet

Automotive Column 45 Wipers Quit Wet

Syndicated Newspaper Column

Do your wipers work? Often we don't know until we need them then it's too late. If it has been a dry season for you try your wipers today and don't forget to check the washers and washer fluid level.



Daily Car Repair and Advice Tips Question 45 Failed Chevy Truck Wipers When Wet

Dear Motor Medics,
 I first heard of your show while reading our local newspaper and started to listen to the podcasts on your website. While listening I heard you mention that some vehicles have circuit board failures of the wiper motors and this will cause them to not operate when it is wet but they will operate when it is dry such as using your windshield washers. My vehicle is a 1998 Chevy ½ ton 4x4. Is this one of those vehicles and if so how hard is it to repair?

Fred in Bluff City Illinois

Dear Fred,
 Thanks for becoming a new listener. Your vehicle is one of the ones that can suffer from wiper   failure when wet. The cause is moisture intrusion into the motor circuit board housing that can hinder proper operation. To repair the wipers the board needs to be replaced. You should check with a GM dealership because there may be some extended coverage to repair this item. To find out just call and give them your vehicle identification number and they can check for you. If there is no coverage you can do the job yourself with minimal tools and time. Make sure you verify that the board is the issue and not something else before you replace it. The board is a basic bolt on part. You may check with your local shop, the cost to repair the wiper board problem is usually very affordable to have done.

Take care, the Motor Medics
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