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Automotive Column 44 Crying Over Milk

Automotive Column 44 Crying Over Milk

Syndicated Newspaper Column

This guy got a little more than he bargained for while shopping. Auto repair encompasses a lot of strange and dirty jobs but sometimes there are jobs even the best auto technicians would never touch.



Daily Car Repair and Advice Tips Question 44 Spilled Mike

Dear Motor Medics,
 My wife made me do the grocery shopping last week and I tried to tell her I was not good at it, none the less she made me do it anyway. I even tried excuses like saying there’s no room for all those groceries in my Corvette so she tossed her Buick keys at me and I hung my head and went shopping. I got ten bags and put them all in the back seat, trunks are over rated. I thought it would be a good idea to set the milk on the floor until I adjusted the seat back and tore a hole in the gallon container. No worries, I went back for more. I never told her about the milk, it spoke for itself. After a hot long Monday at work she called me, boy was she nice too. Do you have any idea what a gallon of rotten milk smells like on a hot day in a closed car? What can I do to remove the smell? We can’t drive the car it’s so bad.

Bad shopper in Hastings Nebraska

Dear bad shopper,
 Trunks are not over rated, and they have removable floor carpet which can be cleaned, and that is not so easy with interior carpet. The likely fix will be new carpet and some heavy floor pan cleaning. If done right away sometimes a shop vac and antibacterial cleaner works; once sour usually replacement is the only way.

Take care, the Motor Medics

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