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Automotive Column 42 Back to School

Automotive Column 42 Back to School

Syndicated Newspaper Column

Shopping for school cars can be fun. Remember reliability before beauty. They may want the hottest looking car but on a budget we pick reliability and economy first.



Daily Car Repair and Advice Tips Question 42 Buying A Used School Car

Dear Motor Medics,
 We’re getting ready to send our daughter to college and are shopping for a car that will get her through the next four years. We don’t know what we are going to choose but it will likely be 3-4 years old and probably out of warranty or very near it. We know that we will take care of the car we buy but how can we be sure it was taken care of before we bought it? We have heard of vehicle history reporting agencies that can do background checks but we don’t know how they work or what they cover. What do you suggest when purchasing a used car that will help us the most?
Connie in Henderson Texas

Dear Connie,
 Purchasing a used car can be a fun experience if it turns out to be what you expect, but It can be hard to tell how the car was treated before you owned it. I would strongly recommend that you don’t purchase a vehicle without having an independent source inspect it. Take it to the mechanic you trust and give it a good check, this can often catch things that would cost you a lot of money. When I purchase a car I always use a vehicle history reporting agency to give me more insight as to the cars past. While these agencies have some good reports, they are not complete maintenance records so never go without an independent inspection.

Take care, the Motor Medics
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