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Automotive Column 20 Rear Defrost Quit

Automotive Column 20 Rear Defrost Quit

Syndicated Newspaper Column

If you are having poor radio reception and you have a damaged rear defroster like the one in this listeners email then fixing it may help the reception too. If you don't have an external mast type antenna it may be in the rear window.



Daily Car Repair and Advice Tips Question 20 Rear Defroster Fails

Dear Motor Medics,
 I am a regular listener to the show and have a family of eight and we all drive. Do eight cars qualify for fleet repair discounts? Our vehicles range from a 1997 Grand Prix to a 2006 Impala. None are in warrantee and with so many cars and kids in college we need to be as economical as possible. We are strong subscribers to your call guy Chris Carter’s “wait until it’s broke to fix it” policy. We are having a problem on three of our cars that we think has been caused by the same thing, daughter number three. The rear defrosters do not work any longer. This has been caused by the wire being knocked off somehow on all three of the cars while she was using them. We’ve passed them down the line as someone new has started to drive. The wires are knocked off where the tab attaches to the glass on both ends. We have tried glue but it won’t stick well and the defrosters don’t work that way. Can you give us some advice short of replacing the glass?

Doug in Chicago

Dear Doug,
 We can help. There is a product available at most parts stores to glue the tab back on the glass. It is conductive glass glue that is a permanent fix if you follow the directions well. Regular glue will not hold and can get very hot due to the poor connection.

Take care, the Motor Medics

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