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Automotive Column 14 Mirror Fell Off

Automotive Column 14 Mirror Fell Off

Syndicated Newspaper Column

Have you ever reached up to adjust the rear view mirror ever so innocently and had it come off in your hand? Have you ever had it happen when you were driving someone Else's car? Thats what happened to this listener. Read on to see what the fix is.


Daily Car Repair and Advice Tips Question 14 Mirror Fell Off

Dear Motor Medics,
 I broke my daughters’ car and she won’t leave me alone about it. Never mind that I am the one who bought the car and pays for the insurance, the gas, the tires, I could go on forever but she’s just not going to get it. I didn’t even break it that bad. I borrowed the car and when I went to adjust the rear view mirror it fell off. I’d tell you the story of what happened when she borrowed my car last but she would never get over the embarrassment. Anyways, I am stuck with this mirror thing. The metal tab that should be stuck to the window won’t stick. I have tried many different kinds of glue and it just keeps coming off. Can you help me get this fixed so that I can get my life back? 

Helen in Duluth Minnesota

Dear Helen,
 Isn’t it fun how these things work? At least you didn’t break something more serious. If you had, we could probably help you with that too. As for the mirror, you just need better glue. What you need is special glass glue for mirrors that is available at auto parts stores. Ask the counter guy and they will help. Make sure to follow directions exactly, cleaning as directed and don’t over apply the product. When they say one drop they mean it. Once installed it won’t come off so be sure to align it right.

Take care, the Motor Medics

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