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Our South dakota Hoodie David's Railroad Speeders

Our South dakota Hoodie David's Railroad Speeders

My ‘rides’ are a bit unusual as they have steel wheels and run on rails.  They are known as ‘speeders’ or railroad inspection cars.  I am the South Dakota Excursion coordinator for NARCOA (see www.narcoa.org for more information about our hobby) and our group rides the Dakota Southern, Black Hills Central, Sisseton Milbank Railroad, and the DMV&WRR between Aberdeen and Geneseo, ND.  We also ride in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa in this area.

The enclosed car is a modern car (1980’s) powered by an Onan 2 cylinder 4 cycle gas engine.  The open car (1950’s) is belt driven and powered by an 8 HP one cylinder 2 cycle engine.  Reverse is achieved by back firing the engine and causing it to run in the opposite direction.  This car makes a loud putt type sound, thus the nickname ‘Putt Putts’.

I also have a more mundane speeder, I.E. a 1994 C4 Corvette which Russ has serviced.

Dave Voeltz

Pierre, SD

Thanks for sharing these with us david. I love these things! My grandfather was a fireman on a Challenger many moons ago and railroad history is an interest.
Take care, Russ, Chris and Shannon...


Railroad Speeder Pictures
Railroad Speeder Pictures

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