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Eddie and Rachell's U.K. (Morris) Rides

Eddie and Rachell's U.K. (Morris) Rides


My name’s Eddie Foster and I listen to your podcast across the pond, here in the UK.

There’s nothing like your show over here and I find it a very entertaining on my commute into Liverpool – one show covers my return trip of 40 miles!

The picture shows me with my 1970 Morris Oxford “Betsy”  and my daughter Rachael (19) and her 1969 Morris Minor “Bella”.

We’ve restored both cars ourselves over the last few years – Betsy is saved for “Highdays and dry days” but Bella is a daily driver.

In fact I taught Rachael how to drive in Bella and the running costs and insurance are only a third of what she’d pay in a modern car.

I’m always intrigued by the differences in car culture between our countries.

Two areas where we seem to differ greatly are oil service and tyre (tire) rotation.

I drive a 2002 Ford Focus 2.0 Estate (wagon) and the service interval is 12,500 miles, which is approximately yearly.

There’s no intermediate oil change required and she’s done 165,000 miles with no problems.

Tyre rotation is unheard of here (our laws state a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth)

We have strict, annual government safety checks on all cars over 3 years old, but pre-1960 cars are exempt.

Petrol is currently equivalent to $9.90 (USD) per gallon – so the emphasis is on smaller, economical cars and diesel engines!


Thanks again for an entertaining show and I hope you have a happy and successful new year!


Eddie Foster

Thank you for sharing these cars with us Eddie and thanks for the insight into the U.K the cars are beautiful.
Take care, Russ, Shannon and Chris...


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