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Justice Brothers Car Care Products

Justice Brothers Car Care Products

 I have used Justice Brothers products for many years and have been amazed by how well they work. From the moment I saw my first product demonstration I was a believer in the products. Justice brothers has extended the life of my customers vehicles and helped me perform proper maintenance on them. I invite you to try Justice Brothers products and see for yourself
                                           Russ "The Supertech" Evans Host of Under The Hood.
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Justice Brothers Testimonials

"There are a lot of "stop leaks" on the market but Justice Brothers Engine Stop Leak is simply the best I've ever used. I used the product on a Case H-4 farm tractor that had a leak for 15 years. I thought there was no way to stop this leak. . .I tried everything including soldering. Then a friend recommended your product, the leak stopped and hasn't reoccurred - thanks for an excellent product."

"P.S. - You saved me hours of downtime, I can't thank you enough."

K.B., Minneapolis, MN


"I own a PT Cruiser. I was having a noise with my power steering. I took my vehicle in to the local dealership here and was told I was hearing things. From there I took the vehicle into a OK Tire Store here in Bismarck to have them look for the problem. They removed some fluid and added Justice Brothers Power Steering additive. There is no more noise.

A week or two later I was speaking with my son-in-law in Minnesota, and he was telling me his minivan was making the same kind of noises. He tried your product and it took care of the problem. Thank you very much!"

T.S., Bismarck, ND


"I would like to thank your company for developing and manufacturing such a fine product as Justice Brothers Diesel Fuel Supplement. Thanks for making a product that does what it says it will do."

R.W., Springfield, MO


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