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The Mission of Under The Hood Car Radio Show

 The Under The Hood® car radio show was founded in 1990 by Nordstrom's® Automotive inc.
The show was originally envisioned by Marie Nordstrom one of the founders of Nordstrom's® Automotive Inc. the parent company of the Under The Hood® radio show.
The mission of Under The Hood® is to help people to make smarter decisions about their vehicle repair choices and offer uplifting entertaining advice and mentoring to others where possible.

We owe our success to our faith in God and family.

We are very grateful for all of our wonderful listeners that have joined us over the years. Thank you for making us America's Favorite Car-talk Show!™

Under The Hood® radio show is recorded live each week in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and broadcast across the world via radio stations and internet live and on podcast.




Copyright and trademark Information

The name Under The Hood'® and it's related marks as used for any form of automotive show broadcast over the air or by global internet (podcast) as well as ,the Motor Medics® Tune-In and Tune-Up® and Nordstrom's® Automotive Inc. are federal registered trademarks of Nordstrom's® Automotive Inc. and may not be used without our permission. © 1990-2016 The Under The Hood® Radio Network all rights reserved. All automotive repair and help advice written or oral on the Under The Hood® website, facebook, twitter, instagram and radio show and its entities is for entertainment only. Always consult with your own automotive repair technician before attempting any car repairs. Always get your own hands-on vehicle diagnosis before replacing parts or beginning automotive service procedures or repairs. Opinions and/or claims of the people and/or companies interviewed by Under The Hood® are of their own accord and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Nordstrom's® Motor Medics® or Under The Hood®. Always investigate products or services on your own before purchasing or using.





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