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Contact Under The Hood for all your Car Repair and Advice Needs
Contact Under The Hood for all your Car Repair and Advice Needs

The Motor Medics® have answered thousands of email questions since their beginning in 1990. Do to the large numbers email is usually answered within 24 hours. Please keep the following in mind so that we may help as many people as possible since there is only one person answering all of the automotive advice email.

Keep your car questions brief and to the point but include details such as engine size, make, model, year, and options when addressing a specific system such as, I have an a/c problem and I have dual zone ac... this is very important. Also, please include what city and station you listen to the show on or if it is by Podcast.
Email with complete information will be answered first.

Please do not ask for specific instructions for step by step repair procedures, torque specs, etc.
Our help is for entertainment and meant to be used as a guide, and to point you in a direction to help you arrive at a diagnosis or to help verify what a mechanic may already be telling you.

If you have a general question please see the drop down list for the best choice to address it to. Thank you for listening to the Under The Hood® radio show!


Under The Hood Show Privacy

By sending us an email you agree that your car repair or advice question or story may be used on the air or in our newspaper column and other Under The Hood® Show Promotions. Your contact information other than your name and where you listen will be kept private.

Call the Under The Hood® Show live 866-594-4150 Thursday mornings 9-11 central

You can also call the same number any time day or night and leave a message that we may air in the show at a later date.

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